Track Rules

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1. No tire treatment chemicals allowed on the asphalt surface at any time and are banned from the facility.

2. No fueling of karts over an asphalt surface.

3. No driving of karts in the pit area.

4. No driving of cars or trucks across the asphalt staging area.

5. Junior drivers must kill their motors when exiting the race track, while still on the track, and before entering the staging area.

6. There will be no black flag warnings. Anyone seen driving rough will be immediately removed from the track for everyone's safety.



1. THE MAJORITY RULES. Those who race in a class will make the rules for the class. If you race in a class see a Club Officer with any suggestions.

2. All calls made by the Track Officials are final.

3. Any driver that gets out of their kart while on the track during a race for any reason other than injury or safety reasons will be black-flagged! No exceptions! No Questions.

4. All drivers are responsible for their pit crew's actions. Any crewmember showing unsportsmanlike conduct will result in their driver being black-flagged.

5. Any driver that intentionally causes a caution by spinning out and rolling into the racing groove will be black-flagged.

6. There will be no black flag warnings. Rough driving will not be tolerated!

7. Any karts spinning out racing for position, all involved will be put to the rear.

8. Any driver intentionally spinning out another kart will be black-flagged.

9. Any kart causing 2 cautions on one race day will be black-flagged and sent home.

10. There will be no working on karts while on the track. No exceptions!

11. No pit crew members on the track during a race. No exceptions.

12. All races will be re-started single file after a yellow flag. 

13. Any person showing unsportsmanlike conduct will be asked to leave the premises and will forfeit all entry fees and gate admission.

14. To protest a kart you must finish the race. Only the driver can protest another kart.

15. Any protest must be made before the end of the feature race.

16. Protest fees $125.00 for all classes. $25 goes to the tech man and $100 goes to the winner of the protest. Anyone caught cheating will loose all points accumulated towards year end awards and will be banned from the track for life.

17. Once karts are released onto the track all late karts must bring up the rear.

18. WKA, IKF, or AKRA rules on All Motors (to be determined by the tech person) with the exception of Novice and Sealed classes.

19. Tire chemicals that are used in dirt racing are banned in all classes due to the potential damage to the asphalt racing surface.

20. Zero tolerance on all alcohol products or controlled substances. NO EXCEPTIONS!

21. No open Flames at any time.

22. Rain outs after the start of racing drivers will receive a rain check to use at a future date.

23. There is an open tire rule except for the Novice and Sealed Clone classes who will run spec tires to keep the cost down.

24. All karts must be prepared to go through pre-race safety tech.

25. All karts will be required to have legible numbers on the kart to be scored. AKC members have the choice of racing numbers.

26. Safety apparel is to be worn at all times on race track: gloves, neck brace, helmet and driving jacket. Rib protectors are recommended for Junior drivers.

The competition rules and classes will be controlled by the track management and are subject to change as the participation grows and we see what the racers want. If you have comments or suggestions please direct them to the us.