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                                                                  RULE DISCLAIMER


The rules and/or regulations set forth herein are designed to provide for the orderly conduct of racing events and to establish minimum acceptable requirements for such events. These rules shall govern the condition of all events, and by participating in these events, all participants are deemed to have complied with these rules. NO EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED WARRANTY OF SAFETY SHALL RESULT FROM PUBLICATIONS OF OR COMPLIANCE WITH THESE RULES AND/OR REGULATIONS. They are intended as a guide for the conduct of the sport and are in no way a guarantee against injury or death to a participant, spectator, or official.


The race director shall be empowered to permit reasonable and appropriate deviation from any of the specifications herein or impose any further restrictions that in his opinion do not alter the minimum acceptable requirements. NO EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED WARRANTY OF SAFETY SHALL RESULT FROM SUCH ALTERATION OF SPECIFICATIONS. Any interpretation of deviation of these rules is left to the discretion of the officials. Their decision is FINAL.




Any year model American made car. No front wheel drives allowed. Wheelbase must be factory stock. No tolerance. No subcompact cars. Rack and Pinion cars must be factory stock parts only. If chassis is altered or steering parts are not stock and in stock location, it's not legal! All unibody cars must be tied together. Must have a complete stock factory floor pan and firewall. Trunk area may be cut no further forward than pinion of rear end. Seats must be in stock location.


Complete stock bodies and frame for that year model. Stock floorboards, rear fender wells and firewalls. Body must look factory, may use sheet metal on doors and fenders. NO aluminum bodies. Steel performance bodies okay. Bumpers may be square tubing - must run inner rub rail - minimum size 11/2" round tubing on rear bumper, rub rails must extend forward at least 6". Two braces allowed, one at each end and cannot exceed 6" in length. Spoiler must be wider than trunk lid. Back of body must be enclosed fender to fender. Rear fender wells may be cut out for tire clearance, must maintain inner fender well that attaches to floor pan. Factory stock OEM frame front to rear. NO alterations allowed. This includes all cross members. Hood and trunk must be pinned down. Stock steel hoods or fiberglass hoods. Factory trunk lid or stock appearing aftermarket trunk lid - steel only. Front fender wells may be unbolted and removed. Fenders may be trimmed for tire clearance.


All weight must be added in the form of roll bars or solid weights bolted securely to the frame of the car outside of the driver's compartment. All weights must be painted white with the car # on it. All doors must be secured to body. Must have stock appearing hoods and trunks. All window openings must remain factory size. Must have 3 bars in front of driver's window. All cars must have front dash in sotck location. Sheet metal only. Rear firewall must extend from bottom of rear window to bottom of floorpan. Holes in firewall must be covered with metal or aluminum. Enclosed interiors okay. May replace factory dash with aluminum - no wider than 12". 1/8" door plate is mandatory.


All glass must be removed, including head and taillights. No rear view mirrors allowed.


Gauges may be removed. All flammable interior (carpet, headliner, interior side panel, rear seats, etc.) must be removed. Racing seat mandatory. Wiring harness may be removed and replaced. Shoulder harness is mandatory. All cars must be equipped with racing safety - approved seat belts bolted to the frame. No standard auto safety belts allowed. Neck brace and window net are mandatory.


Quick release wheel is optional. Quick steer boxes OK. Steering remains in stock position.





Engine must be stock production. Factory blocks only! No 90 or newer roller cam blocks. No bowtie or aluminum blocks. Casting numbers must be readable by tech official. No 400 blocks. Engine set back #1 plug even with upper ball joint. Flat top or dished pistons ONLY. Maximum cubic inch displacement to include clearance and wear is 362 for GM, 364 for Ford, and 370 for Mopar. All other must not exceed 362 CID. No stroking or destroking. OEM or OEM replacement crank & rods only.


INTAKES: Any production cast iron intake or low rise dual plane aluminum intake. No porting of the heads or gasket matching of intake or heads. Intake may NOT be reworked under carb area. Carb spacer no taller than 1 1/2" allowed.


CARBURETORS: 4412 Holley 2 barrel or stock factory carbs. 2-barrel only. Bottom throttle plate hole 1 11/16". Top, 1 3/8". Factory style HEI distributors. No onboard electronic devices capable of storing information allowed. No aftermarket electronic amplifying devices allowed. Tachometers only.


Hydraulic camshfts only. NO flat tappet cams or mushroom cams. NO roller hydraulic cams. Engines must not pull less than 14 inches of vacuum at 1000 RPM's. Must have access port on intake easily accessible to tech official. All cars will be checked in tech. Zero valve lash is required.


Heads must be stock OEM production only. No aftermarket heads. Casting number must be readable by tech official. 2.02 - 1.60 valves in GM is the largest size allowed. No aluminum heads or angle plug heads. Aftermarket valve springs OK. Stock OEM rocker arms only. Screw in studs allowed.


Headers are legal.


Factory stock automatics or standard transmissions. Standards must have all gears working - NO LIGHTENED TRANSMISSIONS or aftermarket transmissions. Must use factory stock OEM clutch disc and pressure plates on stock steel OEM flywheels only. Flywheels must weigh 26 lbx. NO EXCEPTIONS! Stock type factory torque converters required on all automatics. 11" minimum diameter scatter shield mandatory. Driver must be able to put car in gear from park/neutral and move forward and reverse at time of inspection. Must have driveshaft loop. Drive shafts must be painted WHITE.


There is a $250.00 teardown rule on each: piston, cams, lifters, porting heads, intake, flywheels/clutch, and driveline. Drivers only may protest. $25 of the money goes into the drivers point fund.




Roll cages are required. No screw joint fittings allowed. The minimum requirement for all roll cages on all cars shall be an "A" shaped affair, constructed of at least 1 1/2" OD pipe with bars running from the upper right corner to the lower left corner, and just the opposite on the other side, forming an "X" as viewed from front to rear. There must also be a cross bar on top of "A" and 4 bars down the side and 4 bars around the top to complete a caged affair around the driver. All roll bar pipes must be at least .095 inches thick. Must have 4 kidney bars on the driver's side and 2 bars on the passenger side. The driver and passenger doors inner liner ONLY, may be altered as necessary to install bars in the door area. No further gutting allowed. Gussets required. Bars may be added to protect radiator and gas tank areas. 3 1/4" bars in front of driver's window are mandatory. 1/8" doorplate is mandatory.


Gas tanks/cells must be in stock position. Fuel cells mandatory. 32 gallon maximum.


Gas tanks/cells must be securely installed with 2" wide by 1/8" steel straps. Pump, racing or aviation gas only. NO nitrous oxide allowed!




Asphalt pulloff F45's. Can be grooved, no sipping. 10 inch wheels maximum.


Steel racing wheels only. Right front and rear bead lock recommended. NO plastic or aluminum wheels. 5/8" stud mandatory. 1" lugnuts required.


Racing springs allowed on front and rear. Adjustable/Cheater weight jacks on front only. Rear springs must use upper spring pads in stock location. Racing shocks allowed, must mount in stock location. No heim mounted shock allowed. Must have 3 or 4 wheel brakes, valve must be in engine compartment. OEM master cylinder. Front suspension must remain completely stock, tie rods, drag link, idler arm, steering arm and steering box. Stock A arms upper and lower, stock locations, NOT MOVED. Stock spindles, NO ALTERATIONS. Rear suspensions must mount up factory stock, NO ALTERATIONS. All control arms must mount in stock positions. No aftermarket control arms. No banana brackets. No johnny joints. Any stock American made car or 1/2 ton truck rear ends allowed. All cars on stock suspensions for the car that it is under. No gold tracs or any form of traction devices allowed. All rear ends must be locked.


9" Ford housing highly recommended. GM rear ends MUST have axle retention. Grand National housings allowed.



These are the rules for Arkansas Motorsports Park for 2010. YOU ARE EXPECTED TO KNOW THESE RULES!! IGNORANCE OF THE RULES IS NO EXCUSE!!

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