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On a first come basis, we have one or more racing karts that have been prepared for someone to show up at the track, hop on, and go racing in a Sealed Motor Class. We provide the kart, fuel, helmet, and neck brace. You will need to bring a jacket and driving gloves. Call ahead to make sure that we still have one available. We will also spend time with you on the track showing you the best line to drive.

The driver will pay a fee of $100 which will include your $25 race entry fee. There is also an additional $10 insurance fee for the driver and each person who comes with them. The driver also agrees to pay for any and all damage incured to the kart. The driver will be allowed to practice, compete in the two heat races, and in the feature race.

The purpose of this program is to show people how much fun this sport is. Hopefully, you will be encouraged to obtain your own go-kart. We hope that you tell all of your friends about kart racing and how much fun it is.